Global US Education

We maintain a strong relationship with the Pontificia Universidad de Católica (PUC) in Santiago, Chile. Our first international fellow, Pablo Aguilera, is the Chair of Emergency Medicine at PUC as well as the Latin American lead for EM:RAP. We have helped to train other PUC faculty, such as their POCUS Director, Carlos Basaure, as well as many visiting PUC residents. In addition, every year we have been invited to help with their government sponsored ultrasound courses, which have trained several hundred general practitioners throughout Chile in POCUS. 

PUC, UCLA, and Highland faculty at a POCUS course in Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Pablo Aguilera giving a talk on DVT Ultrasound at a POCUS conference in Chile.

Celebrating Dr. Carlos Basaure’s end of a fruitful six-month sabbatical at UCLA.


Our collaboration with PUC and EM:RAP to produced Spanish language ultrasound videos.

In addition, we assist the UCLA IDHEAL Section and Project SEMILLA in their ultrasound training programs in Nicaragua on a yearly basis.