Ultrasound Rotation

Rotation Goals

1. You will build competency in performing FAST, biliary, DVT, AAA, renal, ocular, and focused cardiac and thoracic ultrasonography. 

2. You will be exposed to the world of bedside, clinical, or point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).

3. You will understand the indications, limitations, and strengths to the common applications of POCUS.

4. You will be exposed to current research topics in EM and POCUS.

“Sono Bros, 2017"

Rotation Format

Our rotation uses a flipped classroom model. We schedule individual modules each day, such as “E-FAST” or          “Introduction to Echocardiography.” Rotators are responsible for the didactics, which are included in the curriculum and consist of online videos and texts. There is also a self-assessment quiz for each module on our QStream platform that rotators should pass prior to the scheduled scan shift. Then, during the scan shift, rotators are led by an ultrasound faculty instructor to practice that assigned ultrasound application on patients in the Emergency Department at UCLA-Olive View or Ronald Reagan. At the end of the scan shift, rotators will be assessed by the ultrasound faculty on their ability to perform the application using a checklist, also included in each module in our curriculum.

QA Image Review sessions are all also combined with journal club about 1-2 times per month. QA is like the "rounds" of the US rotation. There is a tremendous amount of teaching and feedback regarding technique and interpretation, using the prior week's scans. In addition, articles may be discussed as part of the Journal Club component of the rotation.

Scheduling Scan Shifts

Scan shifts are predominantly led by POCUS fellowship trained faculty, as we believe that learning POCUS technique from experts is crucial to becoming competent clinician sonographers or sonologists. Our faculty-led scan shifts are listed on our schedule. The schedule will feature the topic of the scan shift, time and location, as well as the scheduled ultrasound faculty. These are mandatory shifts that complement your online didactics. It is during these shifts where you will obtain valuable guidance by ultrasound faculty on both image acquisition and interpretation. 

In addition, you may be scheduled for independent scan shifts, where you can further practice scan technique. Almost all of the EM attending physicians are credentialed to perform bedside ultrasound, and along with available EM resident physicians, may assist you during these independent scan shifts.